Central Midtown Turquoise Doors

Where Can Creatives Be Creative?

Many nonprofits, counselors, and creatives yearn for a safe and energy-filled space to work. For over a decade, Central Midtown has been building community by mobilizing creativity and providing space for people like you to create, meet, host, and grow.

Space for Studio, Work, or Events

The tenants of Central Midtown believe:

  • We are better and stronger when we’re part of a supportive community
  • Beautiful things bloom when we surround ourselves with what we value most
  • Helping others reach their creative potential nurtures our own making and growing

Central Midtown is here to help bring your creative dream to reality.

Love All Pantry Tuesday Distribution
Striving for Inclusivity

Central Midtown is home to dozens of artist studios, the Love All Food Pantry, Safe2BU LGBTQ+ Counseling Center and a host of events including vegan dinners, drag shows, and church services.

Affordable Natural Light Spaces

We have a range of high-quality dedicated studios, hot-desks, and event spaces with the common goal of creating communities that work toward a better collective whole. Available now: hot desks as well as event and workshop space.

Creative Synergy

The creative potential is unlimited when you have artists, creatives, and non-profits learning from each other, helping each other, and growing together.

3 Easy Steps

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Is Central for You?

Central Midtown is passionate about providing space where creativity, community action, and healing flourish in an environment of collaboration. What does this mean?

Recently, Small Craft Studio owner and Central Midtown tenant Deirdre Sanders heard that Family Promise (a nonprofit in the building) had gained new staff, and offered to host a team retreat for the staff of caseworkers. Deirdre led a workshop on Gelli Prints for the staff, who had a great time and were able to bond together without talking about work or clients.

When LeaAyn Shurley, tenant and owner of Moonstruck Pottery, heard about Art Soup Mobile, a benefit for Love All Pantry another nonprofit at Central, she offered to make bowls for the fundraiser. In 2022, she made 250 bowls and hosted painting parties where people from the community and community groups came to paint the bowls that were then fired and included in the price of admission for Art Soup raising thousands of dollars for the Pantry.

Co-Working Space


We want you to join us at Central Midtown, an inclusive group of over 30 creatives and nonprofits who regularly collaborate. Hurry, only 10 available slots to have access to hot-desks on the 1st and 3rd Floor.

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June Reddix-Stennis

From an early age, June Redix-Stennis has been passionate about two things: Art and Social Justice. As an adult, she merges the two through her Afrofuturism artwork, graphic design, and poetry. Her work has been featured all across the country.


Central Presbyterian Church

Love all is what we believe at Central. We are so much more than a church; we’re a place to lift up those in need – no matter their needs, without judgement, prejudice, assumptions, or ultimatums.

Central Arts Collective

Formed in 2017 out of a desire to see creative professionals thrive in the Mobile, Alabama area. Located within the walls of Central Presbyterian Church, CAC is a working studio home to visual & performing artists who strive to craft community


Central ArtSanctuary is an exhibit and performance space in midtown Mobile.

Central Darkroom

Central Darkroom is a public photographic community center, with a commitment to traditional film photographing techniques

Moon Struck Pottery Makerspace

Offers full-access memberships to a dream pottery studio with all the equipment needed, including up to twelve pottery wheels, a slab roller, extruder, kilns, and everything else a budding potter needs to flourish!


Family Promise

​Approximately 600 individuals are homeless every night in Mobile County.​ Family Promise partners with congregations and civic groups to offer children and their families a safe place to sleep and hope.


At no cost, Safe2BU links clients, who have suffered or are suffering from trauma, with mental health and wellness management services, where all staff are trauma/injustice informed and trained in LGBTQ+ sensitivity.

Love All Pantry

An inclusive community of volunteers and donors providing nutritious groceries to more than 1000 food insecure families a month. For only $10, the pantry provides food for 10 meals for a family of four (nearly 100 lbs).

Mobile Urban Growers

A network of community gardeners and urban farmers committed to growing and maintaining gardens in and around Mobile, Alabama and to increasing access to fresh produce for everyone, pooling resources, knowledge, and labor .

Mobile Orchid Society
Mobile Orchid Society

An affiliate of American Orchid Society, meets monthly at Central Midtown to provide orchid education in the community.


Awakening Respect and Compassion for all Sentient Beings is a non-profit, non-partisan organization with a mission to raise awareness and inspire compassion for all sentient beings.

Art for All

An inclusive arts education program for adults of all abilities to express their creativity and develop their skills in a variety of art media including acrylics, graphics, watercolors, and more.

The Veteran’s Closet
The Veteran’s Closet

Provides life’s basic needs and resources to those who have been affected and help veterans overcome the obstacles that prevent them from integrating into our communities successfully

Easterseals SCSEP
Easterseals SCSEP

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) helping low-income, unemployed individuals aged 55+ find work.


Tarah Keech Coaching
Tarah Keech

Learn coaching skills and get coached so you can thrive, lead, and deliver.

G. Cantu
G. Cantu

Gerardo Cantu is a licensed master social worker and counselor generally specializing in anxiety and depression

Flourish Psychotherapy
Flourish Psychotherapy Services

Mary Smith, MSW, LICSW-PIP offers services to individuals struggling with anxiety and OCD through talk and exposure-based therapy


Amy Bolt
Amy Bolt

Painting landscapes, flowers, water life, still life, wildlife and abstracts; potter; and photographer

Blu Impressions Graphics & Designs
Blu Impressions Graphics & Design

Lena Payton Webb is a graphic artist of 30+ years with a passion for creating digital art and functional items that celebrates, empowers, and inspires others.

Cobia Digital
Ben Brenner

Documentary Filmmaking, Videography, Photography (portrait, underwater), Web, Data Science

Harlan Schwall
Harlan T Schwall Paint and Clay

Visceral and emotional pottery and large oil/watercolor paintings

Joanne Brandt
Joanne Brandt

Independent Fine Art and Plein Air Painting

John Halliday
John Halliday

Watercolor painting on paper and canvas. He’s worn many hats in his work career, including being a nurse, designer, teacher

Katherine Kirk Stoves
Kathleen Kirk Stoves

Working artist specializing in murals, printmaking, pyrography, drawing leading art classes and private lessons

Maggie Boraz
Maggie Boraz

Teaching sketching, drawing, and painting

Marty Allen
Marty Allen

Graphic design, UI/UX, photography

Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough
Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough

Painter and mixed media artist, retired ceramicist, a teacher, a student, a blogger

Moon Struck Pottery
LeaAyn Shurley

Professional potter for over 20 years. Offers unique pottery, classes, and parties.

Nancy Goodman
Nancy Goodman

Improvisational quilts that are redolent of color, pattern and texture constructed without patterns or templates.

Off the Rock Podcast
Off the Rock Podcast

John Rocker is the host of this NSpireU Podcast which includes interviews of local artists and business owners about the latest music, sports, and culture events.

Rachel Warner
Rachel Warner

freelance art director and designer utilizing her background in and knowledge of traditional forms of art and finding inspiration in unexpected places.

Renee Wallace & Janie Brown
Renee Wallace & Janie Brown

Friends that art together and specialize in paintings, wood crafts and textiles. Commissions and art parties

Small Craft Studio
Deirdre Sanders

Small Craft Studio is a unique art studio and crafting space offering classes and parties focussed on contemporary and classic sewing and craft projects.

Southern Raven Design
Southern Raven Design

Alicia Cupp is a polymer clay artist. She mostly makes earrings but I also barrettes, bookmarks and trinket trays

Sterling Event Design
Nadine Andrews

Event decor for courageous couples, nerds, and pirates hosting parties, weddings, and other momentous occasions

Susan Downing-White
Susan Downing-White

A “southern woman who happened to be born in Chicago,” Susan lives and works on Dog River, which flows into Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Tamara Lindsey
Tamara Lindsey

Professional artist specializing in oil painting specializing in both brush and palette knife. Inspired by the beauty of nature, especially the play of light and shadow on landscapes

Terry Lepre
Terry Lepre

Acrylic paint pouring and oil

Virginia Sprinkle
Virginia Sprinkle

Painting stories inspired by the simple things that make life beautiful.

Yancey Leeth
Yancey Leeth

Yancey Leeth’s work straddles the fence between graphic design and photography.

YHM Global
Andre Jones

Songwriting, podcasts, audio, and video production services in the gulf coast area spearheaded by Andre Jones